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Master Roll Manufacturing is a fully capable machining, grinding, and finishing facility. We have a length capacity of 240" between centers and an overall diameter capacity of 36" with CNC and manual capabilities. All of our machinery is equipped with DRO for added accuracy. We also provide our customers with premium reconditioning services regardless of the original manufacturer. Please take a moment to see a more detailed description of all of our services below.


Milling & Drilling


Super Finishing

Manual and CNC capabilities allow us to meet even the most demanding specifications.Our knowledge and tool inventory also allow us to meet your needs using an array of materials. We have a length capacity of 240" and a diameter capacity of 36".

Manual and CNC Mills allow us to produce precision splines, key seats, lock slots, and a variety of other custom shapes. Ask us how we can meet your custom needs.

We provide centerless grinding up to 3" diameter and 240" length as well as cylindrical grinding with a diameter capacity of 24" and a length capacity of 16'.

Super finishing, also known as microfinishing is a process that improves the surface finish and workpiece geometry. By super finishing our products we can achieve a surface finish as low as 1-2 RA. It has also been proven that super finishing certain parts and surfaces can expand the durability and life by up to 4X.  


We provide our customers with a complete as received inspection to verify we can produce a result that meets your tolerances. We also offer fabrication, welding, and sweat fitting. Often worn or bent journals and roll bodies can be repaired or replaced to extend the life of your rolls, whether they are work rolls, intermediate rolls, pinch rolls .


Manual and hydraulic means of straightening a variety of rolls and parts made from various materials. *Straightening capacity is 8.5" diameter and up to 240" length.

Inspection & Certification

We require certification on all materials and processes. As well as hardness testing, surface finish measurement, and total indicated run out. We also perform and document inspections at key intervals during production. We are always happy to provide you with our inspection and material certifications.

Master Roll can provide steel hardening of various materials as well as tempering, and annealing. In house induction hardening capacity is 6" diameter by 14' length rounds. 


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