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MBI Rolls, a division of M. Brashem, Inc., has provided the best value for quality, service and price to the steel industry for more than 30 years. We are a leading distributor of mill rolls to the North American steel mill industry, with significant share of the long bar market.

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Servicing:  Structural Mill, Bar and Wire Rod Mill, Hot Strip Mill, Cold Rolling Mill and Sendzimer Mills

Position/ Type
  • Breakdown Stand

  • Roughing Stand

  • Finishing Stand

  • Intermediate Stand

  • Intermediate Roll

  • Work Roll

  • Back-up Roll

  • Forged Shaft

  • CPC

  • TR1*

  • Graphitic Steel

  • Alloy Cast

  • Adamite

  • Steel Base Adamite

  • Pearlitic Nodular Iron

  • High Speed Steel

  • High Chrome Steel

  • More

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